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Pink Goo (AAAA+) By Grease Gods


Pink Goo is a rare Indica strain with mysterious origins, though some breeders claim this strain is a close variant of OG kush and Granddaddy Purps. One of the most notable features of Pink Goo is the diamond-encrusted trichomes that generously cover each nug. In fact, Pink Goo’s buds are so inundated with crystals that the nugs are usually glued together, sort of like goo. Pink Goo’s high THC level provides relief for patients suffering from depression, insomnia, and stress. This strain’s sedative effects also make it an ideal product for cancer patients, or anyone dealing with chronic pain. Smoked in moderation, you will enjoy a sense of physical calmness, as well as a boost in appetite. Being a potent knockout strain, Pink Goo should be dosed carefully, as one solid puff can slip novice smokers into a couch-lock.

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